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Sometime last year I had an art exhibit along with The Joe.  One of the pieces I did was more of a comic strip than a set piece and the entire thing clocked in somewhere around 24 panels.  Not terribly long but just enough and I thought it would be fun to try and tell a story in that small amount of time and do it, too, without using any dialogue.  I'm sure it's been done many many times over but it was new and unique to me and I had a good time creating it.  One of my biggest complaints with doing Planet is that I sometimes feel I get into a safe rut and don't necessarily push myself creatively in any way.  I'm used to the style and what I do so it's safe.  This isn't to say I don't try to evolve and change up the stories I tell but I do get concerned that I rest on my heels when the art is involved and I'm on a deadline.  Maybe it's just easier for me to notice, who knows?  i don't want to get into the typical artist self-reflection crap that makes me want to choke someone here.  That isn't the point.  The actual deal with the long-winded above is to let you fine people know that I'm working on another silent short that will be showing up in the next few weeks if all goes well, so be prepared.  It's a nice change of pace for me and I don't have to draw "Blue" standing naked in the white hot sun for once.  If I find the courage and the time to do so, I'll try and post a sneak here in a bit for you to gaze upon.

Also in announcements, I hope to have a store up and running in the near future for which to acquire your hard-earned money.  Nothing fancy and certainly nothing super high-tech, but we'll have some shirts, perhaps a poster or two, the usual things to get the ball rolling.  I've got the designs finished up, it's just a matter of getting everything situated.  I (or Joe) will keep you posted.

And finally:  I'm supposed to be seeing a certain superhero movie this weekend.  At least that is my hope.  To do so would require Joe to answer his freaking phone.  And then, I dunno, call a brother back?



Sorry for the comic delay folks.  I guess Joe's computer kicked the bucket the other night and he's still working on it.  I assure you it's done, just a matter of getting this square.  In the meantime, play some games.