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We Are Getting Aggrevated


Joe discussed Monday our vast love of everything Matrix and I wanted to make sure that all of you realized just how deep my personal love extends.  You know the top of a wedding cake and how they will often sport a plastic bride and a plastic groom?  Right.  Well, Amy, in her infinite wisdom and wit fitted the groom with a lightsaber.  One of my online handles was SuperflyJedi (though, admittedly, if I ever got into the whole vanity plate business I would still get 1FLYJDI busted out on my pimp ride).  My Star Wars love runs deep ( iCE CUBE "So deep..."  /ICE CUBE ).  I even enjoy the prequels to a certain extent.  I understand the pain they cause - though I think Revenge is all kinds of great - but I've seen films that are such terrible representations of any medium that Episodes I - III are genuinely less painful than some believe.  Anyhow:  after Reloaded and Revolutions came out, I cast off my Jedi garb and donned the ill-fitting threads of a Neo Monk. 

Where even though I'll watch the Star Wars prequels I still get why people dislike them.  I do.  That's not a terrible place to come from either.  And while my disdain for others in my species is often exaggerated by myself, I genuinely cannot understand why so many dislike the Matrix sequels.  I just can't.  I have honestly watched and watched them (which was difficult research, let me tell you) in the hopes of possibly seeing what these others see (or don't see, I suppose) and I can't.  Ten years since the original came out and people still can't do fight scenes.  Ten years since the original and some of the effects in film today still don't match up.  Action scenes don't match up.  Even the characters don't match up.  Heck:  now almost seven years past Reloaded and we have yet to have another kung fu fight on top of a moving semi.  Morpheus took on a car with a samurai sword.  What more do you people want?  The highway scene is what?  Seventeen minutes?  It's like the Brothers were watching the Matrix, realized how cool the Agents changing bodies was there near the end and decided that would work well in moving cars.  And you know what?  It does. 

Can you tell the above is stream of conscious?  Even writing this out is making me hate people who don't like it even more.  I can understand being disinterested in the films overall if you're not even into the genre, that's fine, but people who clamor for more and more sci-fi and then balk at the Matrix make me want to attack little humans.  I tried to find a better way of saying "punch a baby"  It didn't work.

In conclusion:  what is wrong with the rest of you?  You probably voted for McCain.