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A Walker


Happy belated birthday to the Ashley.  She's a young whipper snapper and as she's married to Joe, I can't very well force her off my lawn. 

Amy and I finally finished the fifth season of The West Wing.  While the series itself has been stellar, season 5 was pretty poor overall.  I mean sure it's better than most of the crap that is (or was) on television, but for the show itself a serious dip occured up until the last three or so episodes.  I don't know where all the writers went during those 18-some-odd episodes or whether or not they completely forgot how to manage their craft, but it's taken the both of us around two days to get through what it took over two months for us to accomplish the season prior.  Joe assured me it would get better and, as usual, he knows me well.  I have a strong feeling I'm going to be done with the entire set by the end of the week.  We'll see.

Little else to discuss.  Still playing FFXIII, still on Chapter 11 now that the game has "opened up" and I'm trying to both up my survivability and complete what side missions I can before reaching the end.  I know there are many I'll need to have completely the story to be able to tackle just given how "weak" I am compared to some of the mobs I would need to square off against (some kill me in one hit, so that cramps my ability to, well, win) but it's been a fun distraction and I'm ready to get back to the story at large.  Still a fantastic game and I'm even looking forward to chasing what trophies I can.  I've seen the list and the sheer amount of work required will likely keep me away, but at 33 hours in, I feel I've already gotten my money's worth.  Speaking of:  I'd love to get God of War 3, but hearing that people have beaten it twice already and it not yet being a week old, I can't help but feel $60 is too steep a price point for that.  Perhaps that's just the old age creeping back in.

Finally:  300 was on television tonight.  Out of all films to decide to edit for a wider audience.  Really?