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Good news, friends. Last Night on Earth arrived today and I quickly shelved all plans and delved into trying to survive the day. I played two scenarios, alone, as Joe had some sort of "rehearsal" to attend and then would not be around tomorrow due to a "wedding" (both of which could have easily been fixed by coming to my place, but I digress) and the game played surprisingly well solo. It could be that due to my not playing with others the game feels stacked, oddly, towards the zombies - though that may be appropriate, I suppose - as in both scenarios my heroes ended up sorely mauled.

In game one I played the basic scenario which is "Die, Zombies, Die" in which you need to kill 15 zombies in 15 rounds. Pretty simple. Well, Sally the High School Sweetheart ended up eaten within the first two turns due to some lucky zombie cards and Father Joseph failed to properly handle is flare gun. Two dead heroes and the zombies win.

In game two, I had to get two heroes to a truck and fill it with gas and find the keys. Well, the football star and the head cheerleader found themselves trapped in the farmhouse and ended up thoroughly taken apart and Nurse Betty died trying to get ammo for her shotgun when a zombie pit opened right beneath her and the Police Station became, well, Precinct 13. Father Joseph once again failed to produce and actually got himself turned into a zombie which seems a better outcome than the flare gun incident.

I'm looking forward to tackling each of the scenarios as they definitely have a different flavor to them and strategy. All in all a very fun experience and I highly recommend hunting down a copy if you can. With this and some Cthulhu, the world is in some seriously dire straights (we gotta install microwave ovens...).

I'll be out of town Monday and Wednesday of next week, but Joe will be around to keep you warm. Don't feed him after midnight.