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TGIFructose.  As some of you know I've been playing a lot of "older" titles I managed to miss over the years in an effort to both a) save money as buying a PS2 title at 5 bucks is better than dropping 60 and b) see what all the fuss was about.  I took a breaking from Final Fantasy 8 after making it to disc 4 and then just getting torn about by the boss immediately following and knowing a long grind awaited me, I placed it on the shelf.  In doing so I took up God of War 2 and played through it and now I want nothing more than to put GoW3 into my console and bask.  Rarely do I have a primitive need to immediately hop to a sequel and even after beating GoW1 I was fine with taking a break but 2 was just all kinds of incredible and I must have more.  But I wait.  So yeah, I'm back to FF8 and it's going well enough.  I've moved up to level 48 on Squall which seems okay but I know I need to charge ever upwards.  Hopefully I can finish it off before 13 hits.  I also tried putting Killzone back in and promptly remembered why I stopped playing it in the first place.

I really wanted Cop Out to score well with the critics even though I knew it wouldn't.  It looks "okay" but I dig both Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis and hate to see them fail.  Heck, I even dug Jersey Girl, so take that for what you will.  Maybe I'll still like Cop, who knows.  I also want to try and make it out to see The Crazies as it looks...interesting.  I've been in this horror kick lately (read: the past 29 years) and could do with a little ultra violence if anything to offset my lack of it these past few months.