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I'm not one to eat fast food too often, maybe once a month, but I kept seeing these Taco Bell commercials featuring Charles Barkley (and I'm not entirely sure why Sir Charles is suggesting that I think outside the bun) and after resisting their Mexican-American eats for a good week, I broke.  Now, I'm not sure if you are all aware of the mistake level we're about to discuss here, but it's high.  Where the Terrorist Threat Level's near constant state of orange makes the color coding system less frightening, the orange I experienced last night was fully palpable.  Imagine, if you can, enjoying suspect meats, cheeses, tomatoes, a handful of lettuce, and healthy helpings of sour cream.  Imagine then sighing as you sink into your couch after the meal comfortable in your Mexican-American induced coma only to be stirred mere hours later by a rumbling that can only be understood as banshee-like.  If any of you have seen Darby O'Gill and the Little People, you know what this means.  Also, I am now convinced that what they're asking you to think of outside of this bun is not, in fact, tacos but the astonishing wake as a result of it's passing.  Enjoy the pun.

If you're still with me after that, interesting tid-bit for all of you:  the officer there, whose name is Bill, is the spitting image of my father whose name was also Bill and who was, also, a cop.  It's my strange way of keeping him alive and in doing so I feed him to Joe's hair.  There's something to that.