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You know what movie is great?  And by great I mean amazing?  Big Trouble in Little China.  I think that if every movie was on par with that level of fantastic, the world would be a much better place.  There would be no crime, this whole global warming thing would likely be taken care of, and I'm pretty sure world hunger would be long gone.  This is what a future of Big Trouble looks like.  Bright and glowing in the haunting eyes of Lo Pan.  And, barring that, The Goonies. My fear is that ten years from now Hollywood, instead of looking to these films and realizing what made them great, will take it upon themselves to remake them and then pee all over what made them great to begin with.

Speaking of:  have any of you managed to catch the trailer for The Karate Kid?  People in charge of that thing should be pushed from their bike while riding and given a roundhouse kick to the face.  Maybe a leg sweep if Mr. Lawrence doesn't have a problem with that.  There's a solid chance I'll pay eight bucks to see it if only to then be given a free pass to froth at the mouth afterwards.  Very excited about that.

I don't really know what the point of any of the above is/was, but there you have it.  Welcome to Monday.  Fifteen day until Final Fantasy XIII and with it one more reason to shirk any and all responsibility.  Not that I need a solid reason.

And finally:  I KILL YOU GONZALES has been a catch-phrase of Joe's (and then mine, having adopted/stolen it) ever since I've known him which is going on ten years.  Neither of us know where it came from or if Joe does, he isn't telling.  We need to get Robert Stack up in here to figure out where that all started. 

Not Joe


So I forgot to change my avatar when ranting about Hollywood.  Where Joe has been known to speak of himself in the third person he does not do so with the frequency of my post.  If you were confused, consider it a marketing ploy.

Secret Origins


First off, I could've gone in and changed the avatar on Blue's post to mine, but that would have made his second post irrelevant. Then I would've had to delete his second post and frankly, i'm not comfortable with that level of creative control over his messages.

Secondly, I'm glad Mr Blue mentioned that "I kill you Gonzales!!" has existed in my head (and our heads) for well over a decade. If any of you has ANY idea why - please hop on to our Facebook page and let me know. It's altogether possible that I somehow tapped into the collective creative conciousness and pulled the name of our afro-nemesis from the ether, but I doubt it. That said, if repeating this strip to anyone, it should be yelled with as much force as possible, and then end should be drawn out. As in, "I killl you Gonzaaleeeeees!" Again - no idea why, maybe it'll make us wealthy someday.

And finally, see Shutter Island. I had the pleasure of checking it out today and man, at every twist and turn you are reminded that you are in the very capable hands of a master filmmaker. You've seen this type of movie before, it's a psychological thriller with a bit of a twist ending - but what makes it so great is that even when you see the twist coming (and you will) this movie is in no way shape or form about the twist. It is about so much more and is just expertly crafted. And then at the end of the film, when the curtain has been drawn back and all the innerworkings exposed - he leaves you with one last, quiet, double twist. It's not a 'holy crap Bruce Willis is WHAT?' twist - it's a quiet and unsettling twist that once again reminds you who you've been dealing with this whole time, and makes sure the movie stays with you after you've left the theater. Enjoy.