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Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

The Wolfman comes out today for which I am quite excited.  I've been on a slight blackout when it comes to this film only watching what trailers are given to me either at the theater or in the comfort of my own home.  I'll usually hit Rotten Tomatoes just before going to see a flick so I can brace myself for what I'm about to get into but I've gone the non-traditional route with this one and am allowing myself to go in blind.  I would rather my opinion wasn't muddied by critics whose sole purpose is to hate the medium they work for.  So I'll abstain.  Hopefully that's for the best.  Unfortunately, Joe and i weren't able to sync our schedules properly so we'll be seeing this come Monday but I can still celebrate at it's release.  While I'm still a vampire guy at heart - and I'm talking actual vampires (and by actual I mean fake-actual) here not the glittering kind or the rock star kind or the whatever else modern fiction has emasculated into calling a vampire but honest-to-goodness Bram vampires.  My brother, on the other hand, is a werewolf man.  You might even call him a Team Jacob man.  Maybe.  I'm sure he's been salivating over the trailers for this much like I do ever time I hear the chhhvvrrrooooo of a lightsaber fire up.  Apples and apples, that. 

Also, like many of you were doing a little over ten odd years ago, I hit disc 3 in my playing of Final Fantasy VIII having just faced Edea properly and "won" the day and getting to drop-kick Seifer twice in the mix.  Hitting him just feels right.  I need to finish this before FF XIII hits next month otherwise I might cause some sort of geek-rift and do what that Hadron Collider could not.  Fingers crossed, but the above title may end up being Joe's first PS3 purase which will be a day of celebration in and of itself.  I've been trying to convince him to nab Bioshock for the longest time as it's only 20 bones these days, but all of said efforts have been for naught.  I have a strong suspicion he's trying to break me down into buying it for myself despite already owning it just so he can then borrow it.  He's wily, that one.  A Super Genius, you might say.

Someone out there best get that reference.




Nicely done!

I.Q. 207 - Zip, Zip Hooray.