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If You Don't Like My Lyrics,
You Can Press Fast Forward


Short post this evening as the day has been long. I just received word that Last Night on Earth, a zombie board game, is finally heading my way and I hope to receive that before the weekend. Impressions will follow when I force Joe into a game come Friday. No argument. He and I have been playing Arkham Horror with some regularity and have found that to our liking. We've managed to save the earth twice now (I await your donations and thanks in the mail), the last of which coming in a very Rorschach moment with Joe finding himself trapped in R'lyeh when the final gate was sealed and he became lost in Time and Space.

He took one for the team. He took one for you.

I hope Last Night on Earth provides similar moments only here, we will be on opposing sides, I the vast Zombie Hoard, he the student nurse with curves and a shotgun. How does that not sound exciting?

And finally: I crave Scribblenauts. Shrink-Rays, Floods, Cthulhu, Time Machines, and Dinosaurs? Yes Please.