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How hard did the ads during the Super Bowl suck?  If you answerd "very", you win.  I can think of one off-hand that made me laugh and none others that even broke a smile.  Awful.  At least the Saints won?  Good on them.

I managed to get a hold of the Heavy Rain demo off of the UK PSN store and I was really looking forward to trying it out as it's on my short list of games I would like to acquire.  Unfortunately, the game - or at least the demo - clocks in at a whopping decent.  I was hoping I'd experience an adventure game of yesteryear and while there are certainly elements of the genre to be found, it just comes off as uninteresting and clunky.  The control scheme is actually quite good save for walking which is balls but executing commands is a breeze.  I've heard people moan about the graphics but they don't bother me too much though this could be due to my having grown up in a time when Startropics was cutting edge.  Graphics do not a game make as Ms. Pac-Man will happily tell you.  Anyhow:  the demo allowed you to play two snippets of the game one starring a private eye and the second an FBI Agent.  The private eye's bit (his name escapes me and I'm too lazy to look it up) was the most enjoyable and I even found myself digging the QTE that came near the end.  My only real complaint there was that the floating icons telling you what buttons to press came frequently enough that I wasn't able to appreciate what it is my character was doing on-screen.  The FBI portion flat-out sucked.  It threw unnecessary sci-fi bits into the game (and this may very well be the only time I say that) that were terribly out of place and just not something I wanted to see in Rain.  That's purely opinion, of course, so your mileage may certainly vary, but it did absolutely nothing for me.  And seaching for evidence with fancy high-tech glasses was lame.

I'm still interested in the game for the story but I'm now going to wait until the game drops to around $20 before picking it up.  I could be wrong, but I also don't see too much replay value in there either which is also a bit of a deal-breaker.  Rarely do I buy a game day one anymore as it is given that I think $60 is absurd - the only two I purchased last year were Batman and Uncharted 2, and this year I'm going to pony up for Final Fantasy XIII and that might be it regardless of how much I want Bioshock 2 (and reviews have been surprisingly good) - and having played the demo just allows me to make that decision that much easier.  Hopefully they tighten the game before it hits later this month but as the release is right around the corner, I personally don't see that happening which is a shame.  I'd love to be proven wrong.

Enjoy your case of the Mondays.