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Not SyFy


Well known fact:  Mannequin is not that great of a movie.  I mean, it's cute and whimsical in its own way but that's just about it.  The sequel is even worse which is also not surprising.  I let you know this because I saw them both over the course of last week.  Behold the power of Netflix!  I also managed to finally watch 9.  The story was mostly non-existant and there seemed to be little to no character development but holy crap was it pretty.  The art direction in that flick is astounding and I would love to see more of that universe in some way.  Great great visuals and I wish more would have been done with it.

Joe also loaned my 500 Days of Summer.  It ruled.  Hard.  Very well written, acted, and directed.  I normally don't care one way or the other for Zooey Deschanel but I quite liked her in this which I found surprising.  Much thanks to Joe for sending it my way and allowing me to catch up on something I shouldn't have missed.

Speaking of catching up, I nabbed the first season of Battlestar Galactica (well, first season minus the final disc, but still) from the library last week and have been delving into that.  First time through and I'm greatly enjoying it.  Even Amy digs it.  She's been asking when I'm going to be watching more and even yelled at me when I turned it off last night to sleep.  That woman has a secret nerd streak to her that I knew was there when I married her and I've been uncovering over the years ever since.  She's a big Buffy fan, enjoys Angel and Firefly, and loves Quantum Leap.  My wife is awesome.  She also likes The Golden Girls which, well, everyone should.