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Mass Effect 2 comes out tomorrow!  I'm taking the day off of work, drinking pop, playing nothing but ME2, and eating pizza.  If I'm not in a coma by day's end, I may have to try and repeat the process come Wednesday.  I'm still debating whether or not to drive over to Gamestop to pick up the game at midnight or to be "adult" about the entire situation and just acquire my copy in the morning.  Likely it will end up being the latter as I don't get along with people well and the less of my ilk I need to start around the better.  I realize that's a bit hypocritical.

The running joke of today's strip harkens back to the old P3 days where whenever someone would answer the door they're in one strange get-up or another.  I don't know why I started doing it, but there you are.  Perhaps today is my version of Casey Jones.

The Platinum Trophy in Assassin's Creed 2 has been acquired and the game placed lovingly back on the shelf.  Also, Conan O'Brian's final show as host of The Tonight Show was nothing short of amazing.  That's how you end a too-short run and that's how you show NBC they completely picked the wrong person to stay on.