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I won't do this again for a while...


But I just had to take a moment to talk about Lost, and the enormous balls of the people writing it, producing it, and the network that's letting it go.

I'm a Lost fan, I actually started watching when Season 2 came out on DVD, waited for Season 3 to come out, and then realized I couldn't do the 'waiting' thing any more and started watching episode by episode with Season 4. Since we're gearing up for the final season in a couple weeks, I've gone through the seasons 1-5 over the past couple months - just to catch up.

There's really not much I can add to the Lost conversation at this point. I have a whole host of theories about what's going on, some of which I'm sure are right, and most of which I'm sure are wrong. The show has top tier production, an excellent cast, and a total mastery over the cliffhanger ending. The feeling of 'wha??' that propels you to wait a week with anticipation, and that most of my comics have lost over time. 

What I want to talk about though, is the total cajones that happened around Season 4. That's when the decision was made that the show needed to end. Not because it wasn't doing well in the ratings, not because the stars wanted to move on to other projects, but simply because the story needed to go somewhere and end. They actually decided to end their show for a reason other than the almighty dollar, and as soon as that decision was made the quality of the show took an even bigger step forward. 

On top of that though, they made one more decision that got even bigger: everyone realized that the show was getting completely inaccessible to an outside audience. You couldn't 'hop on the bandwagon' mid-season, or even at the start of season 4, because it was too complicated. And someone, probably a room of someones, made the decision that it was okay. Because trying to create 'jumping on points' wasn't going to serve the story.

I'd imagine in TV this is pretty much unheard of.

They say that Lost is a revolutionary TV show, but without those two decisions it would've become watered down and repetitive years ago. I have no illusions about 'all of my questions being answered' this season. They have to keep some mystery and keep some things vague. That's part of the fun of the show. The magic trick isn't quite as cool when you know how it's done. But after the giant finale of last season I cannot wait to see what's next.



Apparently I overslept.  Which I suppose is fine as I don't have anything to talk about as it is and Joe did a superior job with his Lost speak.  I've only ever made it half-way through the first season (twice) and I keep getting sidetracked.  I don't dislike Lost in any way and find it to be just fine in terms of television, my attention span just wavers in the same place every time for one reason or another.  Perhaps I need to intake fewer doses at a time?  I plan on doing a run proper when the series wraps as Joe insists that will allow me maximum enjoyment and I'm sure he's correct in that.

I'm on the final boss of Chrono Trigger though a bit underleveled so I may do a few side quests just to boost myself a bit.  Oddly enough, this is not a chore.  Traditionally I bemoan having to wade through even more when the main storyline of most RPGs is time consuming enough as it is and by the time I've reached game's end, I'm ready to move on to something else.  Chrono Trigger is both short enough and great enough to do away with this and I look forward to actually spending more time in that world.  I'm sure as it's a 15 year old game most of you are well ahead of me here but hey, nothing wrong with being late to a really good party.  My hope was to have it wrapped by Tuesday when Mass Effect 2 hits, and I'm sure that's possible, but I would rather knock out Assassin's Creed 2 as I can bring Chrono with me most anywhere.

And I'm almost finished on that front too.  I only have 3 sequences left to go and sequences as a whole are relatively short.  I would like to nab all of the trophies associated with it before putting it down just to be truly done but that may a bit more taxing.  Before writing this I managed to grab two of the hardest (for me) so all I have to do before beating the game is collect the rest of the 100 feathers (45 to go!) and walk around in the cape you get for doing that and then the rest will come with the story. 

A part of me died a little typing that out and realizing that a part of my life, while rewarding in its own way, is also rather fruitless.  Not that I'd change that, but still.