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No, No: Glorious


Apparently Joe saw Book of Eli without me.  He'll have to tell you how it is.  I generally don't care for Denzel but seeing him pull out that machete in front of half a dozen men gets me tingly in all the right places.  Now that Joe's left me to wallow alone I'm sure it will be regulated to Netflix as the odds of getting my wife to the theater to see that are roughly one-in-vasectomy, but that's okay.  That just clears up room for Daybreakers which I have no illusions about delivering anything other than vampire porn and I'll gladly purchase a popcorn while I indulge in unsavory carnal cellophane.  Do movies still come on cellophane?  Perhaps I should have said digital. 

Also, Quentin Tarantino is out of his mind.  Not new news, but I wanted to put that out there anyhow.

Quick Notes


The Book of Eli was a solid film, not earth shatteringly great or anything, but an enjoyable movie. If you're curious about what you're getting in to it's really this:

A post-apocalyptic wandering-samurai western where an extremely subdued Denzel Washington walking across the country finds himself in a town run by an evil Gary Oldman.

If this appeals to you, you'll enjoy the movie. If any convention of the above genres turns you off, I'd avoid it. How they managed to pack all of that into an extremely tight package is beyond me, but they sure did. The performances are all really nice and layered (particularly Oldman, but I'm a sucker for his work) and the story is an interesting one. If I had any complaint it's that there's not enough of the action and a little too much slo-mo walking. The fight scenes, particularly the hand-to-hand, were the kind I love. Set your cameras where they want to be and show us the fight. Unfortunately, Denzel (okay, Eli) is such a badass, that a fight with 10 guys takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 seconds. It's a beautiful 15 seconds, but maybe he could've found another samurai or two to fight along the way?


Also: if any of your were confused by Mr Blue's post, he meant that film is on celluloid not cellophane. And yes, in many places movies still come that way!




That's what I said.