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Believe it or not, I actually watched a handful of Mr. Belvedere in order to see if he really was the sort of family chap I remember him being. He did not disappoint. Over the years I've gone back and watched some Alf and some Family Matters (and even, admittedly, a little Step by Step) and was disappointed to find that these sitcoms were no longer up to snuff. I understand how time colors our perception of the past and the great kernels of television I experienced as a child. I get that. But I am still a little deflated when I hunt down an episode of The Gummi Bears or M.A.S.K. and my theory that cartoons these days just ain't what they used to be is called into question. I'm still of the opinion that 99% of Saturday Morning Cartoons these days are garbage - and the modern Ninja Turtles are an affront to all things good and pure - and that my Thundercats, Darkwing Duck, He-Man, and even Dumbo's Circus far and above makes all modern efforts look paltry.

I forget what my original point here was. Mr. Belvedere rules. Maybe that was it.

The Terror that Flaps in the Night.


No, this is not yet another post about Arkahm Asylum. I just wanted to pop my two cents in and say that a year or so ago, I rented the first season of Darkwing Duck on DVD - and it absolutely held up. That is all.