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I live!

Tennessee was an interesting place.  I suppose it is an interesting place as it continues to still be, but anyhow.  Did Joe treat you well?  I'm glad to hear his report on The Road was favorable as it's been on my short list of flicks I'd like to see.  I have a strong feeling I'll end up holding out until it comes to Netflix as Joe has already seen it and I have a tough time getting my wife to the theater with any regularity.  I'll just have to get my apocalypse fix with The Book of Eli.  'zel rarely does much for me but I love me some Oldman so I figure that, like Math, it should all balance out.

Assassin's Creed 2 is amazing.  Painfully so.  I chewed through the first game trying hard not to choke the entire way through and vowed to swear off the second.  But a funny thing happened (on the way to the forum) and I kept hearing how Ubi had "fixed" the series with the sequel and my willpower finally caved.  I'm glad it did because everything here is what game one should have been and I cannot recommend it enough.  I don't believe I'm too far in just yet as I find myself trying to grab every little thing, but I'm good with that.  Two weeks until Mass Effect 2 hits.  I feel as though I'm drowning in games, not that that's a terrible thing.

And finally, I'm around 2/3s of the way through Chrono Trigger.  First time, remember?  It's fascinating that a fifteen year old game is still better than half of the crap that's pushed out these days.