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The Mighty Yoo-Hoo


When we were in college, the local Kroger was clearing out their stock of cans of Yoo-Hoo. The reason why was up for debate, my argument was that everyone knows that Yoo-Hoo was meant to be delivered via glass bottle, and Blue's reasoning was that Yoo-Hoo was never meant for human consumption at all.

At the end of the day, I had about six cases of Yoo-Hoo cans living it up in my dorm room and I couldn't get enough. My natural proclivites take me to all forms of soda, but with the Yoo-Hoo near by, it just called to me. I blasted through those cases and was blissfully happy. The truth is: Yoo-Hoo was part of my upbringing. It's like comfort food to me.

And Mr. Blue's been making fun of me for it ever since.

The bottom line is: his 'memory' in this strip is a conversation that has taken place many times over the years - and the debate rages on till this day.