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I hope and trust all of you had a wonderful and eventful Holiday regardless of what you may or may not celebrate.  My mom, as is customary for her, went overboard with the presents and I wound up with a lot of phat lewt that I don't necessarily need but certainly welcome.  I picked up Dragon Age: Origins, Brutal Legend, and Left 4 Dead 2 on the 360, Chrono Trigger for the DS, and Persona for the PSP.  I played just a wee bit of L4D2 to get a brief taste of it and have put my attention on Persona and Dragon Age for the time being.  Persona is a great 1st person dungeon-crawling experience and I'm enjoying it thus far.  As for Dragon Age, I just made it out of my "origin" story and have started the game proper and it's fantastic.  I'm playing an Elf Mage and I'm not quite sure how allignment comes into it just yet but I'm following a pretty neutral path.  At least I hope to do so.  Traditionally I have a hard time playing "evil" as it just feels forced to me and often times my character's actions/dialogue don't make much sense.  Unless you're a Sith Lord, no one is going to murder a puppy and even then I have a hard time believing that would actually play out.  So I have in my head what my character would do and I hope there is opportunity in the game to see that through.

On the board game from, I got an expansion for Arkham Horror (Kingsport) and Tannhauser, both of which I look forward to delving into when time and chance permit. 

Also, I paid off Mass Effect 2 so when that hits at the end of next month everything else is being put on hold.  I hope I'm finished with Dragon Age by then.  If not I may just lock myself in a room somewhere and trade back and forth every hour.

Congratulations are in Order!


Well we've made it to #50, and as a result Mr Blue is owed a big WHOPPING congratulations. I knew when we started up again that it would be fun, and maybe we'd pick up some readership, but I had no idea that 50 strips in we'd be going stronger than ever before. Mr Blue's still a good month ahead on strips, so we're already well on our way to #100.

The coming year will be full of P3 goodness, as we start to make the moves to become wider recognized, and provide even more goodness to our dear readers.

Thanks for staying with us so far, enjoy the ride from here on out!