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Remember that wallpaper I told you about?  Joe has added a fancy button there to your upper-right that will take you to it.  Apparently this button will be a fount of much joy and adventure in the days to come.  I hope to have some additional wallpapers up next week - one for each of our four heroes, in fact - but we'll see if the holidays allow me time enough to do so. 

Joe and I played some Arkham Horror over the weekend which I meant to tell you about prior to today, but today will have to do.  We were doing battle with Yig and for the first time ever in our playing lost Arkham to gates and the Father of Serpents emerged from his dark place to do battle with us.  I was little help in the final fray having only one sliver of sanity left to me and the beast quickly devoured my cocoon leaving Joe to save humanity unaided.  Let me say that I did manage to get two blows in before drifting into the great nether out of consciousness but that did little to turn the tide in our favor.  In a Herculean push, Joe whittled the creature's health down to two and found himself needing to roll five successes (a five or a six on the die is considered a "hit") out of six dice.  If he failed to do so he, and the world at large, would be lost forever.  Rolling five of his six, Joe scores four of the necessary five (naturally) making the fate of the world hinge on a solitary role. 

Joe, not being apt at any game involving dice, rolls a four.  Not by the Hadron Collider does the world fall but by a four, one shy of the needed mark and Yig sends all of you chasing after my long cold corpse.  We hope to avenge this in the following weeks.

Merry Weekend.