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So Joe and I and our respective wives went to see The Princess and the Frog the other day and it was fantastic.  Well, I can't fully speak for Joe or Ashley, but Amy and I loved it.  I understand (somewhat) why animation shifted from drawn to CGI but I don't have to like it and I still bemoan the fact that for years Disney has really only seen fit to churn out The Little Mermaid 84:  Ariel Cooks Sebastian with their animation department.  There hasn't been much to excite me out of their camp anyhow when they were doing animation - though I am a huge fan of Lilo and Stitch though that plays much more to my sense of humor - but I think the last Disney cartoon I really dug was The Lion King.  Maybe Hercules, if only for the music. 

Anyhow, their return was/is fantastic.  The music is great, the story is wonderful, and the setting perfect.  It could very well be that they had been away for so long that I would lap up just about anything they fed me, but even so I loved it.  Honestly my only complaint with the film overall is the villain.  I liked him and thought the art direction for him (and the whole movie, really) was phenomenal but felt that he was ultimately underused.  A lot of flash with little threat.  Like Darth Maul, perhaps.  Dude is pimp looking, in only a few scenes, busts out his double-bladed lightsaber/shadow people and then gets chopped in half/don't want to spoil the end.  You get the idea.  So that could have been stronger but if that's my main complaint, I'm doing okay.  Mind you I'm trying to compare everyone Maleficent which is a one-sided argument as it is but still.  At least give me a Scar or a Jafar.  Even Judge Frollo would be (somewhat) welcome.  I'm getting off-track.  Go see it.

Next Monday is Avatar.  Joe and I are busy this weekend so Monday morning is going to be the first chance we get and while I'm definitely excited (and the reviews are actually surprising to me), I'm already sick of the marketing for it.  I can only take so much BEST MOVIE EVER before I just shut down.  And Joe will attest, I will come to hate something out of sheer overexposure, even when previously loving it.  I don't know why I'm wired like that, but there we are.



Ashley and I had a really great time at the movie. The music was phenomenal, and it was just a love letter to New Orleans, food and jazz. I've missed Disney Movies. True Disney movies. It's no secret that I'm an absurdly huge fan of Pixar, but when the CG and storytelling get to that level it really becomes it's own animal. There's a softness in traditional animation that CG can't quite touch, and that's where the magic of the art form is.

I hope this movie does gangbusters at the boxoffice, and the people behind it get to sit down and say, "okay, how can we make the next one even better."