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Thanks to the power of Netflix, I watched the newest Star Trek for the second time and I'm still in love with it.  My wife even enjoyed it which, if you know my wife, is a pretty big feat.  Mind you she digs Buffy and Angel and even Firefly - I suppose it would just be easier to say that she digs Joss and be done with it - but sci-fi in film tends to elude her.  Maybe I should just say that the sci-fi I enjoy eludes her.  Anyhow: I don't have the blu ray plan on Netflix so I had to watch it on paltry DVD, though that gives me something to ask for for Christmas... - but it is such a good movie that I would watch it streaming over a Netbook or whatever the crap those tiny laptop-like devices are and still call it great.  Because it is.  I don't even like Star Trek (the show) and what little I know about there being four lights has been gleamed mostly from my brother and from Joe.  Even so, I want a sequel immediately and I want J.J., who has yet to let me down, to direct it.  Also a Cloverfield sequel of some sort. 

Enjoy Turkey on Thursday everyone.  And if you're a vegetarian: maybe you should rethink your priorities.