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Ninja Assassin needs to be in my possession.  This whole "waiting for it" is crap and I'm this close to not putting up with it much longer. 

Also, the Glade commercials where the wife is a compulsive liar trying to convince her friends she's French or popular need to die.  When I think candles, I personally like to think "deception". 

Return to Oz is one of the creepiest flicks ever followed just behind Jack and the Beanstalk from 1974.  The witch in that is a strange blend of Princess Mumbi (and her rotating heads that scream at Dorthy in the halls of the Emerald City) and Morticia but not maternal Angelica Houston Morticia.

I did my best to quell any excitment I might have for Left 4 Dead 2 as the first didn't do a whole lot for me - my multiplayer tendencies are sparse at best and my ability to succeed in those venues is some word that means "less than sparse" - despite being full of zombies but word on the street is the sequel is fantastic and somehow much much better than the first and that has me salivating even though I know good and well I a) won't ever play it online (no PC and no Xbox LIVE because, well, PSN is free) and b) can't promise I'll play it more than a few hours unless I can wrangle Joe into it.  Not that Joe's opposed to zombie killing - though he does scream like a woman, grab my arm, and jump out of his seat when someone gets cut in half with a chainsaw - it's just that we've been on this board game kick and I don't see that going away for a bit, though that's mostly my fault.


Just to be Clear


It was one time... ONE TIME FIVE YEARS AGO.


And it was an accidental chainsawing, which for some reason unnerved me a little more than the usual, intentional, ones.


I'm never going to live that down.