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Nothing long winded here as I'm sleepy and, since I know some of you enjoy lists, that seems like the best all around fit.

Part 1:  Wrapped up Uncharted 2 over the weekend.  Amazing amazing game all around.  The final boss fight was a bit weak, though better than the first game, but if that's the only downside to a game, then it's a good game.  U2 may stand in my top five which is a hard thing to do given only one game released beyond the year 2000 has cracked that.  Tried out multiplayer and got hosed rather quickly so I took a step back and will try again when I'm in a better place.

Part 2:  Picked up Valkyria Chronicles for 15 bucks.  I've been wanting to play it for a long while now and I have only managed to mess with the Prologue but so far, so good.  I look forward to diving further in and, while I'm traditionally bad at SRPGs, this seems as though it may be a good fit for be.  Impressions after I get a little more time with it.

Part 3:  Half-way through Dexter Season 3.  So freaking good.  I realize I'm behind on the times, but still. 

Part 4:  Netflix came to the PS3 and I got my streaming disc in the mail on Friday.  Thus far I've only watched crappy horror flicks with the technology, but the clarity is excellent (and, I've heard, a little better than that of the 360 but given that I don't have LIVE on mine, I can't varify that).  All you need to do is add movies to your Instant Queue and they pop up on your PS3 and away you go.  I have a strong feeling once I wrap up my West Wing run (almost done with Season 4, chugging along) I'm going to be watching a ridiculous amount of film and be all the better for it.

Part 5: Sleep.