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Snow Days


I'm pretty sure we've covered that 'real world' Ashley is a teacher. What I couldn't have prepared for was the effect that being married to a teacher really changes your perspective on the profession as a whole. 

For example: did you know that teachers don't actually sleep in their classrooms? When you're a kid you kind of picture them like the automatons at Disney, that just kind of 'power up' when your ride enters the room. Not so. In fact they even do things like go to the movies.

Which is another interesting adventure. When you're married to a teacher, you're actually walking around with a local celebrity. At any given time she might be charged at and hugged by small children, and it's completely okay. The parents do it too!

My year does not run from Jan - Dec, as yours might. It seems my calendar year will always run from Aug - June, with some magical oasis inbetween June and the follwoing August.

There's a load of these little tidbits, that make the teacher experience so much different as an adult. My favorite though is the Snow Day. Ashley will literally curse the snow if it happens between 8am and 7pm, and then sing it's praises and dare it to come down harder if it should start to fall before bed. She gets mad when she hears we're "just getting an inch" of snow, and gets so excited (and calls her friends!) if the forecast calls for major snowfall. The funny thing about these winter months is that I get pulled right in to the excitement and drama of potential Snow Days all over again, and it's true that teachers get more excited than their students. Amazing.