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Bang Your Heads


Yesterday Mr. Blue and I rang in his birthday by seeing Skyline at a slightly skeevy local dollar theater - it was appropriately awful. A lot has been said about the allegedly 'heinous' ending... but in a movie so rife with terrible, it seemed to be the best idea in the bunch. We would absolutely see a sequel of just that. Like Robot Jox.

Completing my double-header from yesterday, Ashley and I went and saw the penultimate (just wanted to use the word) Harry Potter last night. The film critic inside me noted that it was a little uneven, as those movies tend to be, but when it was good it was really good. The entire thing had this sense of menace and foreboding, and the animated sequence of the Deathly Hallows was a very welcome and exceptional surprise. Also - I can't help but give the 'most improved' award to Emma Watson. She got her brow under control and is giving Hermione some well deserved subtlety. I'd say the only real 'downside' was that it did in fact feel like a 'part 1' movie - moreso than even the Matrix or Lord of the Rings movies, as entirely nothing gets resolved. That said, it was good enough to believe that part 2 is going to be a really wild ride from beginning to end, and the grand finale can't come soon enough. (Though I do know who lives and who dies, and after watching how they handled the death at the end of part 1, I'm not entirely sure I can handle that without getting a little misty eyed...)

This morning before heading to work I got started on Brutal Legend. And while I'm late to the party, it's delivering everything it promised and more. The game is nothing but pure fun and metal, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next. 

Wow - 3 topics in one brief post. If it were heavier on quality and style, and lighter on grammar, you might think Blue wrote it.