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Delayed?! Dang it Joe!!


I hope that headline doesn't come true. I really do.

But there's a slight monkey wrench in the new design. And it all boils down to me being smarter today than I was three days ago. Literally. Or at least having more knowledge... I guess it depends on your definition of 'smart.'

The long and the short of it is that I spent the past 3 days at the Future of Web Design conference in NYC, and it was awesome. It was a whole lot of people smarter than me (by any definition) teaching me about, well, the future of Web Design... and it got me thinking about the work I've been doing with the P3 site.

The design is good. What I showed Mr Blue the other day will still be the visual side of the site, no question, but I think I'm going to try and be a bit smarter about the back end. So that when we want to expand, add things, etc, that things are a lot more automated.

I'll be spending a little bit of time on the research side that will hopefully speed up the development side significantly.

Still aiming for strip #200. Just a bit more to do before we get there.

The Plan


I could try and draw it out a bit more...maybe do a 199.1, 199.2 and so on.  That way it's still technically strip 200 when the redesign hits?  Yes.