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So the other day Joe's strip crapped out on him and last night I left my power supply at the studio so I was forced to go without a PC last night.  Seriously.  Imagine my discomfort, if you can.  I suppose on the upside, it forced me to get some other work done and also allowed me the opportunity to spend some time with Castlevania and The Well of Ascension (Mistborn book 2).  So there is that.  Both continue to impress.

Joe showed Amy and I the site redesign and, while I understand I'm supposed to say things that this, it looks really slick.  Honest.  He and I have a tendency to be pretty open with one another (and no, not in that way) which means we're pretty good about expressing the suck (and, no, not in that way) but the wife and I both came away quite impressed.  It just feels more "right" somehow.  There is going to be a comments area which does leave me mildly hesitant as now, I can simply take your silence as stunned awe but when actually given the opportunity to express an opinion, well, we'll see what I do and don't take to heart.  I love criticism, thrive on it even, and I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to critique as long as said critique is constructive and not just, well, obnoxious.  So there is that.

Anyhow: apologies for the late writing of this.  Was without my machine and a madness near overtook me.


Game On.


I'm really happy that Mr Blue is slinging the praise up there in for the new design, so I thought I'd reciprocate with a little praise of my own. Some of you know we've been doing this for a long time (this is actually the second volume of P3.) and we thank you for sticking with us. Perspective: Ashley wasn't introduced till the midway point of our first run, and we've now been together for 7 years. (though Blue did give her a couple months of trial time before she made it in to the strip...)

But lately I've been getting that feeling of momentum again. Artistically Blue's been doing some new things that are really nice. Nothing dramatic like a style change, but playing with different angles and adding a little more texture to things like clothing. It could be completely subconcious - but it's looking good. The story of P3 is really picking up speed with the introduction of our 2nd herald (what does that mean?) and the scope is expanding.

The site needed to catch up with the strip, and soon it will be. On top of that, I'm planning on hitting adspace again and trying to build our audience even further when the site is more accessible to newbies.

(and no, not in that way.)




I'm sweet on you.