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Little to speak on this week.  I've stopped playing Castlevania until I get through my first run of Dead Space as trying to juggle two games wasn't working out well.  I have enough trouble trying to juggle one so this is working out much better.  I'm approaching the end of that first run, just one chapter to go, and it's stellar.  Superb.  Still one of the best games that I've had the pleasure of playing and an absolute favorite.  I'm trying to nab as many of the trophies as I possibly can the first time around so that in subsequent runs I can just explode things.  One thing I am unsure on is if your items carry over to higher difficulty levels.  I know on a New Game+ your items and upgrades will if you go from say Normal to Normal on your runs but I'm not sure what happens if you make the Normal to Insane leap.  Or is it Nightmare?  Either way, it's apparently harder than hard and likely to keep you up at night even longer.

And where Joe is just now finally experiencing BSG, Amy and I are exactly half-way through the first season of Glee.  I dig it.  Keep in mind that I love anything musical theater so my inclination when someone breaks into song for no good reason is to cheer them on and attempt to jump in a la a rousing game of double dutch, so I am very much the target audience.  I've told Joe this but as I haven't mentioned it to you just yet, I doubt I would honestly be watching were there no music to be found there.  That is (obviously) what propels the show forward and while there is certainly a through-line and additional plots taking place, those plots and lines come in at a rousing "not bad".  Not terribly compelling but not bad enough either that I just don't care.  A little lukewarm, perhaps.  

Joe loaned me his Mad Men blu ray collection but they've decided to rebel and not work on my PS3 so I'm looking to the Sopranos when Glee wraps.  Having not watched it before and only catching one or two episodes, that's been on my watch list since it first began.  

Yay hump day.



The super-secret project is going VERY well!

I gave Mr Blue the generals, and he seemed pleased. Consider this an announcement of an announcment. I'm not ready to 'launch' yet, but as we barrel towards #200 I want to reinvigorate our readership. Bring in the new while rewarding the old.

For the few of you who have been with us since the beginning, you'll be amazed how long the next few storylines have been growing. I want to make sure that when we reach the culmination of years worth of storytelling, that we have a good sized crowd to celebrate with.

More to come.