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Nope. Not a post about Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, but I'm sure when I get that disk in the mail I'll have something to say about it.

Since I was tapped for things to write about, I figured I'd just post about the last piece of entertainment I watched, namely, the premiere of Jimmy Smits' new TV show Outlaw. 

Talk about a good news / bad news situation. This show is really all across the board. The fact is: you've seen this show before. It's about someone who has left their old life behind (in this case, Smits' steps down from the bench of the Supreme Court) to go right wrongs in one way or another (his father recently died, making him realize that's he's been an ineffective and lazy judge.) So now, he's off to become a lawyer again and right wrongs in the legal system.

It's a premise that's so basic that it adds very little to the show. So the show is made or broken by the writers and actors, and here's where things get curious. Since you need to pad this cast to give your lead help and people to talk to, Smits has his crack team of investigators. They're functional, and pretty uninteresting characters so far. The biggest offender is the 'plucky, hot, investigator' who has such killer lines like, "i know you want to sleep with me. it's because i'm hot isn't it?" and also says she's going to get information by 'flashing her boobs.' 'really?' 'yeah, they're nice boobs.'

A word to writers everywhere - if your character has to tell us she's attractive, she instantly becomes less so. And I really feel this is nothing against the actress herself. She seems to be doing the best she can with what the writers have given her. And all of his team have clearly been given the short end of the script stick. 

On the flip side of the coin is Smits. I can't tell if they just wrote his character better than everyone else, or if Smits just brings that much to the table. Whenever he's on screen you really can't take your eyes off him, and I don't doubt that as they dive further into the psyche of their main man that he'll continue to deliver. Just awesome to watch as charisma personified.

So where does that leave me? If this were the 90's (or even the early 00's) this show would completely pass me by, and I'd be happy to let it. But since we now live in the age of Hulu, and I spend about 9-10 hours a day at this desk, I'll probably watch the next episode or two and see if things get any more interesting. I know for a fact that even if they don't, I'l be able to enjoy a solid entertainer working his craft.