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The weekend before last, Blue and I went and saw Scott Pilgrim (i know, finally) in the theater. I really enjoyed myself. I thought the star of the show was director Edgar Wright, who managed to balance the ADD nature of the material with a solid through line and a steady emotional core. The battle of the bands was awesome, as were Kieran Culkin and Anna Kendrick. Not sure if it'll make it's way on the coveted 'shelf' - but I seem to be collecting good comic book movies so....?

The important detail here hit me as I was walking out. That was the end of the summer season. I tucked it in, put it to bed, and that was it for me. On Monday we caught a preview of the Town and it felt like it was officially fall. The dramas get better and sci-fi gets worse. Looking forward to Res. Evil with a big goofy grin on my face, but I know it'll be lousy. (But fun - of course!)

A lot of people have talked about this summer like it was disappointing, but I really think that's the wrong word. It was just unremarkable. Not every summer can be 2008, and maybe I've just been watching the trends long enough not to be shocked by a quiet summer. Even 2011, which has some really promising movies in it, is probably just ramping up for 2012.

I feel like this summer delivered exactly what it promised. There were a handful of 'large' movies (Price of Persia, Sorcer's Apprentice, etc) that weren't going to make much of a dent on the landscape - but we could have told you that a year ago. Toy Story 3 was 100% satisfying for 99% of the population and stood out as the 'great' family flick of the summer. Inception was a great piece of filmmaking with layer up on layers of Nolan-type storytelling and meaning. But everything else was just 'fun' and 'pretty good.'

But I don't think we should have really been disappointed by getting what we had been told for months we were going to get.

I love the fall. It's my favorite season in general, and cinematically speaking we get to put the green screens away for a while and focus on the actors - so that when Christmas time comes we're ready to be amazed all over again.

See you at the theater.