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What up party people?  How's the week going?  Well?  More-than-well?  Perhaps a slight mixture of both.

Mafia 2 hits next week and I've gone on a limb and purchased it.  Very much looking forward to spending some time with it and getting my Rat Pack on.  Have to wait 6 whole days (boo!).  Release dates that are too far away blow.

So I finally got my long sought-after Perfect Knight trophy in Arkham Asylum.  Those last couple of combat challenge rooms were full of suck and pain.  Often times, that's a good thing (hey-o!), but not here.  Not now.  I'm two trophies short of the Platinum and will acquire both by beating the game on Hard so I've fired up another play-through.  Not that it took much convincing, mind you.  I'm a little over half-way through, I believe, and the game is still as great as ever.  I will say that the up-swing of the combat rooms was that it did make me a slightly better fighter so the combat, even in Hard mode, is surprisingly un-hard.  Bane gave me a bit of trouble as I was focusing more on him and not the fools that were trying to hit me which was a mistake but after I figured out that I was being stupid, it all fell into place.

Jaws 1 - Revenge are streaming on Netflix.  I suggest you watch them.  I'm always fascinated when there's an amazing first film and then people decide to run it into the ground.  Though, admittedly, I'm quite partial to 3.  Odd upbringing, I suppose.

Enjoy the further adventures of Cats.  And your Wednesday.  That too.