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I think Batman is slowly driving me insane.  My only solace is that I'm not dealing with Scarecrow otherwise I might already be well over the edge.  I've finished all of the Predator Challenge Rooms and 3 starred those (huzzah!) and am half-way through the Combat Challenges.  I can see/feel myself getting progressively better which is a cool feeling of accomplishment where 18,000 points seemed well out of reach and now if I'm not somewhere near there by the end of Round 2 I just restart the process.  Inevitably, however, I will get hit by some punk kid in the middle of Round 3 throwing off my perfect bonus score thus thrusting me out of the race for the elusive 50,000 point round.  All I want is a Batman Trophy.  Is that so wrong?

The demo for Mafia 2 hit the other day.  And it's amazing.  Well, maybe not amazing, but it's really flippin' good.  Having now played it on the PC and PS3 I've come to find I like the on-foot controls of the PC more but the driving controls on the PS3.  Decisions, decisions.  I doubt I'll be snagging it day one given the way funding appears but there's always hope.  While I don't necessarily need another sandbox game given that I still need to wrap up Red Dead Redemption and I'm toying with grabbing Just Cause 2 somewhere down the line, I know I'll want this.  The feel of it is great, the atmosphere, the way the other NPCs interact with you is on a level that most other games on the same cut don't quite reach.  I've put a few hours into the demo alone and look forward to getting my hands on the real deal in the coming weeks.

Madden 11 is good.  Not great, but good.  The new Gameflow feature is wonderful for me so I don't spend forever-long wading through plays that I don't really understand to begin with.  The animations are great as is the presentation.  The announcer they added in this go-around is better than we've had in years past but he's already drilling a hole into my ears and I'd like him out.  He reminds me of an SNL skit.  That aside, my only big complaint is the game almost feels too easy.  I need to mess with the difficulty some but having now played 6 games as my precious Bengals, I've come nowhere near losing on the default difficulty and when I score 28 points in the last 2 minutes of a game thanks to interceptions and fumbles, well, there's something to that.  I've seen other people complaining of unusually high scores and thus far my experience fits that.  Which is odd as I don't recall any blowouts taking place in the demo.  Heck, I even lost a few.  Maybe it had something to do with the Jets and the Colts being the only playable teams so they could balance them well against one another?  Still: I'm happy I have it and it's filling a good void for now.  Oh:  and people get injured far too often.  Like, five plus injuries per game going on.  That  Unless I'm unusually violent.  Always possible.

Enjoy your weekend.  I'd like to see Scott Pilgrim but this week appears grim.  Soon.