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My quest to not completely suck at Batman continues!  I've completed most of the Predator challenges - those are stupid fun - and I'm getting "better" at free-flow combat for those challenges.  I got three bats or whatever on the first level and am now working on the Sewer Bat Level and getting my timing down for it.  But I did manage a flawless challenge or whatever and got that trophy, so that's a step in the right direction I suppose.  It does become oddly addicting after a while.

Speaking of Batman, have you all seen the cover to Batman: Arkham City?  Holy crap.  Jaw-dropping does little to convey how amazing it is.  For reals.  And while we all assumed this would be the case, having a shot of Catwoman and a Dent poster in the mix made me even more excited for next year which I wasn't sure was even possible at this point.  Cannot freaking wait.  I require more Batman and I require it now.  

Little to speak on outside of the above.  Final Fantasy 9 is coming along.  Became distracted with "work" and other less exciting things but bills need to be paid and, unfortunately, playing games just ain't doing it for me.  Not yet, at least.  Not ever most likely.  But a boy can dream, yes?  Also, putting some Quina here for you to enjoy.  

Have an excellent Friday.  Try not to see The Other Guys that comes out this weekend.  If you stop giving Will your money, perhaps he'll stop making crap.  You'll shoot your eye out, kid.