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On Dark and Night


Netflix has a few superhero cartoons streaming that I've taken a gander at and it's done quite a good job of making want to play Arkham Asylum again.  I need to play through the story on Hard in order to snag that trophy and then again to grab a few I've missed along the way (the Party Pooper one comes to mind as I couldn't, in good character, beat up all of Joker's men just for trying to invite me inside to my own party...that seemed cruel) but I just polished off all of the Riddler challenges and did the Chronicles of Arkham as well.  I love the built-in puzzles to this game and while they're not overly difficult, it's certainly more interesting having them in.

I have a strong feeling the Challenge Room bits are going to be my undoing.  I'm pretty terrible at them as of now - though, in my defense, it's been about 6 months since I've played - but the practice-makes-perfect bit seems daunting as of now.  Like grinding in FF9.  Boo to both!  But, I'll do each as I love me some FF and I love me some Batman.  So yeah.

Speaking of FF, I completely forgot to scan Quina in and "color" her/him/it so that's my bad.  I'll get that to you Friday, not that you're chomping at the bit for my warm-up art.  Perhaps you are and I should begin selling them.  Hmmm...

Anyhow:  enjoy your Wednesday.  Off to catch a batarang.