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Seeing Double


If you're one of the unfortunate few who sat through Quarantine (there are days I love our local library), I highly encourage you to hunt down .REC, the Spanish film Quarantine is based on.  While the bulk of the flick is similar and you'll do your fair amount of double-takes - though no more so than had you seen the Ring and then gone and watched the original Ringu - .REC manages the near impossible task of rinsing away the bitterness of the American remake.  It's amazing to me how two (near) identical films can be so different in presentation and quality.  

And now, as if I wasn't terrified enough at the rumored Oldboy remake starring the Fresh Prince, I had to go and watch this.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jiggy, but have you seen Oldboy?  That's like someone seeing Jaws and turning to his friend and saying "You know what would make this movie better?  If we made that giant man-eating shark there tuna instead.

People either need to start coming up with their own ideas or at least make the flick their ripping from, I dunno, better.  Or at the very least on par with.  Just a thought.