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It's a wonderful thing when your memories remain untarnished.  Too often have I been at the library or glancing over Netflix and seen movies and cartoons from my youth where, in a fit of nostaliga, I'll pick it up to watch and inevitably, it disappoints.  There are a handful of instances where this isn't the case (Darkwing Duck and Animaniacs still rule on all levels) but often my recollections are more powerful than the real deal.  Now, I will still bemoan the state of cartoons today as being garbage because, largely, they are, and that's not just the old man in me shaking a cane at the kids as they pass. 

Anyhow, I've had just a wee bit of time with Final Fantasy IX and I am quite happy to report that it remains fantastic.  The art style is wonderful and reminds me specifically why I loved it to begin with and the characters already are warming my heart.  Now certainly no one and nothing can replace Vivi and his awesomeness, but the others are equally great.  So yeah, while it had been quite a bit since I last had a play-through (going on nine years now, I'd say), it still holds up and is definitely still my favorite of the bunch.  Bullet dodged there.  I would have torn something up had it disappointed me.

Toy Story 3 this weekend.  I'll give a report come Monday though I'm pretty sure I already know what I'm going to say.  Pixar can't do any wrong so there's no real reason to assume this will be any different.

Enjoy the weekend.