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For The Love


I often bemoan people who do not appreciate technology.  Having grown up when 8-bit was cutting edge and beautiful (but, let us be honest here: it's still beautiful) and in a time when pulling data out of thin air was just absurd, anyone who starts complaining about either graphics or why some amazing piece of technology isn't acting quite right gets a slap.  A back-handed slap.  Yeah.  What am I speaking of?  Final Fantasy IX hit the PSN yesterday and it's my favorite of the bunch.  I understand that some people disliked it or don't hold it in too high esteme, but these people are idiots.  IX is the only FF I don't own aside from X-2 (which I'm not entirely sure counts so that's fine) having misplaced it years ago and I immediately began the download.  By immediately I mean when I got home around 10.  In the P.M.  According to the track bar, I have 462 minutes left in my 1.5G download.  That's unnecessary.  It is also painful.  It is also ridiculous.  Now again, I'm grabbing invisible technology out of thin air and storing it lovingly on my home gaming device so I have no real right to shake my fist at anything, but here I am shaking it anyhow.  I want my game now.  I also understand that I'm on a month-long game hiatus but this was unforeseen so you will excuse me if I don't have a moment of weakness. 

Waiting blows. 


Mad Hatter


Also, a very Merry Un-Birthday to our boy Joe today.  He is now one short year away from 30.  Which will pass quickly as that's what years do when you get as old as he is.