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The "more" in the title might not entirely correct.  Could read something closer to "a handful" and then I'd say that's closer to the mark.  Anyhow:

I picked up Runebound the other day and have played a handful of games and find that I enjoy it.  Joe has been off doing plays or whatever it is he does so I've lost the person I traditionally game with until he's done pretending to be someone else so I don't know how the game is outside of the solo trek (which is excellent), but I can only imagine the experience is better.  I've read there's a good deal of potential down-time in the game though this really only crops up with 4 or more people and unless I somehow manage to rope my wife into this - which is to say, I have a better chance of getting Ickey Woods to do his famous shuffle in my house - I don't see that issue ever coming up.  What I love so much about Arkham Horror (outside of the fact that it's Lovecraft in board game form) is the storytelling aspect the game holds and how each play-through is a different experience entirely and you can string some interesting tales together and Runebound seems to have this ability as well albeit it in fantasy form.  Again, I've only played twice now but both matches turned out quite opposite the other.  My only complaint thus far is that you can easily be made or broken by the dice which can waver my enjoyment rather quickly and Joe, for all his looks, can't roll die to save his life.  Quite literally as far as his Player Character is concerned. 

Not to bring Arkham up yet again, but my chief complaint with the entire deal is the set-up that takes place prior to playing which is an entire game in and of itself.  By the time I get the board constructed, the cards out, my characters established, expansions then put-together, and an Ancient One along side either a Guardian or a Herald, well, I'm just about spent.  There's certainly gold that follows and any potential hardship is most definitely outweighed by a horror check of awesome, but there are limits.  I had heard that A Touch of Evil could be described as Arkham Lite which tugged at my interest and after giving it some thought I went and took the plunge so I'll be playing that shortly as well.  If only the USPS could teleport packages.  Then I suppose there would be little need for mail-folk.  AToE is made by the same team who put out Last Night on Earth which I quite enjoy so I cannot imagine disliking something similar but with a more cooperative bend fighting mythical monsters of old.  That's like asking me if I'd like a slice of pizza.  Unless you found it sitting in a corner with a homeless person lying on top, I'm likely going to eat it.  Maybe even with these variants if it's deep dish.

And finally, I picked up the revised rules to Tannhauser.  After initially playing a few times the game itself boiled down to lameness and rather than going through the scenario or trying to actively plan out a strategy, it just boiled down to Joe and I going head-first into a death match killing everything in our team's path.  Fantasy Flight saw the flaw in the original design and took it upon themselves to release a 96 page revision of the game which I've heard is quite good now and addresses the bulk of what made the original so lackluster and I couldn't not grab the update as otherwise I would still be the less-than-proud owner of a game I'd likely never look at twice again.  Now to find the time to read 96 pages and then understand it.  That's the tricky bit.

Enjoy your weekend.