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I don't drink.  I'm not speaking about water or other life-giving beverages (such as Dr. Pepper) but about things of a more adult variety.  It's just something I never developed a taste for nor do I really understand the point of spending money on something that will likely cause me to act like someone in need of a kick to the face.  There are games and movies and things that don't do the above to spend said money on.  Now admittedly I have a terribly low tolerance level for people as it is let alone those becoming steadingly louder as the hours tick on, so I'm certainly biased towards the entire experience and that does color my perception.  Things also are pretty black and white to me for reasons I don't readily understand and where Joe has nothing but middle ground for all of life's situations, I don't even allow for a barge or ferry to help with the trip.  It's one of those personality barometers that I've just stopped trying to alter and accepted that I'm already a grumpy old man.  But, for what it's worth, I definitely get that people enjoy things that I don't.  That just doesn't keep them from being any less wrong.

What's the point of this?  Amy and I were discussing Memorial Day as a Holiday and while I completely agree that the intent behind the day is great - you know, remembrance - the reason most seem to enjoy it is for a deal of the above.  Sure I'm creating a giant blanket statement here, but that's also how my head works.  I don't really understand the hoopla behind today nor do I understand the people across the street who were cheering for no apparent reason until the wee hours of the morning.  Because that's what you should be doing with your time.  Obnoxious people are the reason I need to believe in evolution if only so their gene pool withers away generations from now.  I know I won't be around to witness it, but at the very least my ancestors may be happier for it.

Enjoy your Monday.  And don't be stupid.