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Chapter 11


Just a quick note:

I've really been enjoying playing through FF XIII. It's linear gameplay hasn't bothered me at all because i've been enjoying the story and I actually like the characters as well. It's a cool rag-tag band of heroes bit, but they're fun. (even Vanille has a mild place in my heart... if I think of her as some sort of Japanese creation representing optimism and not a person)

That said, I'm in the infamous Chapter 11 where anyone who's played will tell you that the game 'opens up' - and while I found the transition a bit jarring, this more open side of the game just feels like old-school FF to me... and I'm talking 8 bit.

Great game. Can't wait to see where it takes me.



No, no, not the singer.  Or rapper.  I'm not sure what she is.  Anyhow:  myself.  Apologies that I haven't been around too terribly much to post and give you fine people some fine updates.  Strangely enough, it is not Red Dead Redemption that's keeping me away although I wish that were the case.  Truth be told, I haven't even fired up the PS3 in about four or five days which is, for me, unheard of.  Painfully so.  Just been quite busy working on a semi-secret project that I more or less became consumed by and am only now hitting a lull.  Once things come together a bit more I'll tip my hand - not that it's that terribly exciting so you should be sitting on the edge of something waiting, but still.

Wanted to at least offer a quick note on my disappearance. 

And Prince of Persia comes out today.  I looks like it could be fun?  It also looks like it could be absolute balls which is the way I'm personally leaning.  Who knows, perhaps I'll be proven wrong.  I did have a good time with the Resident Evil flicks and those too are mostly balls save for being mildly entertaining.  It's not like I won't pay to see it.  I've certainly happily paid to see worse.