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Glen Quagmire...


Take five.  Wednesday be it ladies and gentlemen. 

Red Dead Redemption hits tonight at midnight.  Tuesday, if you want to be fancy.  While I rarely do the whole midnight thing anymore as I'm far too old and far too brittle, this is calling me something fierce.  I even got text message assuring me my copy should I arrive at the designated hour.  We'll see.  Joe in his infinite kindness has offered to tag along in order to sweeten the pot.  Whether I fall asleep prior to this has yet to be seen.  But goodness, how close I am to buying bins of Red Bull so I can do some wild westing until the wee wee hours of the morning.  Wednesday morning, that is. 

Enjoy your Mondays.  Very little to speak of today beyond writing paragraph upon paragraph of reasons why I need and want this game.  So we'll leave it here.  Impressions Wednesday.  Huzzah!