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From the hip


In no particular order:

- Final Fantasy XIII is fantastic. I can't tell you how good it feels to be working my way through an FF game and just inherantly knowing that this will be the first one I defeat without taking some lengthy break in the middle of it... (also partially motivated by the fact that it's Blue's copy of a game and I want to get it back to him.)

- I'm making it my new goal to finish up the archives page in short order and start up a new round of advertisements upon its completion.

- I'm a web designer who's been steeped in technology for as long as I can remember, and the whole 'digital delivery' system for media still blows my mind. I streamed a movie in near perfect HD to my television last night from the internet. Have people started to forget how amazing this actually is?

- Stream of conciousness writing for a post is really not my strong suit.

- The Robin Hood trailers make me want to see it, even though my heart knows better.


And in conclusion, Kudos to Mr. Blue for this new arc - It's both ballsy and awesome.

From The Lip


Robin Hood has me curious in the same way I'm vaguely curious about what getting bitten by a rattlesnake would feel like.  I don't necessarily want it to happen but that itch does linger in the back of my brain.

I want to grab 3D Dot Heroes but I know better.  Not because it doesn't look good, it looks fantastic and I crave some old-school Zelda-types, there's just so much hitting in the next week (by so much I mean three games though as someone who rarely buys new, that's a flood) that I shouldn't.  And I won't have time to play it which would be criminal.  The only thing keeping me in check is the fact that no Gamestop within 100 miles has it in.  Apparenly Columbus is now the sticks.  I'm surprised we don't just have a dirt track leading to the local Walmart and a store selling fish bait.

Speaking of, Red Dead Redemption next Tuesday.  Huzzah!

Streaming is awesome.  I admit to falling into the "what the crap, it's not loading fast enough" mentality which shows just how far I've fallen.  Three months ago the idea of streaming was like some virtual Eden to me and now the tree is rotting at the base and there's no fruit left.  I crave more.  Or, perhaps, MOAR!

Joe said ballsy.  Lawl.  I don't think there are any balls in this current arc though I could have forgotten placing them somewhere.  Wouldn't be the first time!